Boyle FRC bids farewell to Christine ›

Posted: 1/12/2021

Today we bid farewell to Christine and wish her well in her Retirement. ...Read more ›

Boyle FRC's Video of Services  ›

Posted: 29/11/2021

Take a look at some of our services in Roscommon that support Young peoples & Childrens wellbeing and mental health...Read more ›

16 Days of Actions Against Violence  ›

Posted: 25/11/2021

16 Days of Actions Against Violence ...Read more ›

Boyle FRC Halloween Camp ›

Posted: 28/10/2021

Thanks to all who came to the Halloween Camp. We had a great time!...Read more ›

Spanish Language Classes  ›

Posted: 10/10/2021

Learn Spanish with Laura!...Read more ›

Would you like to sign up to Community Mothers? ›

Posted: 27/10/2021

If you are interested, why not contact the Commuity Mothers for support......Read more ›