​Food Distribution

We operate two schemes FEAD and Food Cloud as part of the Boyle Food Partnership program.
The Fund for European Aid to the most Deprived (FEAD) is an EU-wide programme to help people take their first steps out of poverty and social exclusion. 
FoodCloud is the partner organisation for the nationwide availability of food element of the FEAD Programme in Ireland. FoodCloud is an Irish social enterprise that exists first and foremost to reduce the environmental, social and economic impact of food waste by redistributing surplus food to our network of Charity and Community Group partners.

If you and/or your family need food, we distribute food through these programmes at the Centre.

Please text the word FOOD and your first name to 086 0496467 to receive details or Call 0719663000 or visit the Centre to sign up.

During Covid-19 Distribution times have changed to once a week. Please sign up to recieve furthure details of days and times.  

This programme provides dry foodstuff to families and individuals struggling to provide themselves with the basic necessities of life due to lack of financial resources. The food items consist of basic, non-perishable foods. This includes rice, pasta, soups, canned fish, jam, tea, coffee, sugar, canned vegetables and breakfast cereals. This program is funded by the European Union and the Department of Social Protection. The programme has proved an invaluable resource that our servie can access for Boyle and the wider community. We are also very fortunate to have had donations of food and toiletries from generous individuals, local business, and local producers. We are greatful for every dontaion we recieve.

Newspaper Articles about Boyle FRC's Food Distribution:
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