Covid-19 Story Bank

Our children may be hearing lots of stories on the news or online & this might be making them feel worried. It's important to talk to your child about what is happening & listen to how they are feeling. These stories are helpful as they educate them in child-friendly language about the virus, ease their worry or uncertantity and let them know the ways in which they can help. It may be a good idea to revisit these stories from time to time, as children may be hearing incorrect stories online and they may need a reminder of what exactly is happening to reassure them. 

Emotions such as worry or anxiety in children may show up in other forms such as anger, trouble sleeping, lack of focus, irritability or tantrums. If you feel this worry is due to Covid-19, these stories may be helpful for you and your child. It may be a good idea to ask you child what they alreay know about the virus, so when you read the story their questions may be answered. Remember it is always good to talk about the story once you have finished to see if your child has any questions. Answer their questions that are appropriate for their age and understanding, If you are unsure of the answers you should say so.

UNICEF have made a resource that can help you talk about Covid-19 with your children HERE
The HSE also have a booklet that explains the corona virus CLICK HERE
The Minister for Health Simon Harris is answering some of the childrens questions in this video HERE

Everybody Worries
Credit: Oxford University Press

Hello My name is the Corona Virus
Credit: Manuela Molina Cruz -

Story about the Corona Virus 
Credit: ©ELSA Support

The Stay at Home Superheros 

The Story of the Oyster and the Butterfly

Corona Virus - A book for Children 

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