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For Parents

An overview of the developmental stages and curricular links:

School Subjects 


Bua na Cainte is free at the moment, I think you can still access it here but if not let me know.
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  • Phonics
  • Reading
This website has the ORT books available for free which might be a useful resource.
  • Resources for more experienced readers 
  • Symbaloo - more educational games and websites:


Here is a tool for creating handwriting sheets: For engagement with the writing genres:
Maths (and basically all the other subject areas) 


A link for parents on the Stay Safe programme is available here:

Here's a resource from Weaving Wellbeing from their "Rainbow Moments" topic.

Adults activity pages

Kids activity pages



Google maps links can be used to find these places and they all have their own websites. Google maps links can be a great resource in many online lessons to give children a sense of place, no matter where in the world events are taking place.
Google Maps
Google Earth -

A lesson on Ordinance Survey maps:

The counties of Ireland game:

Countries of Europe:

Animaniacs Countries of the World:
(this might be a good one, as they're making two new series of this show!)


You might like to check out family names here:

The National Museum also has a nice website, covering lots of aspects of Irish history and many time periods:

This is a website with artifacts discovered and gathered from throughout Irish history, all of which would make for a great interactive lesson about primary sources:

National Geographic has an extensive World History section for children:

This article details just some of the famous museums around the world offering virtual tours:


Science Foundation Ireland has lesson plan ideas:
Many of these can be adapted for home.

Link to Scientific Method:

The Dad Lab:

Writing Reports

Arts Education


Easy at-home ideas:
- Paper chains
- Custom Paper Shopping Bags
- Paper Dolls
- Themed Art
- Making cards to post or email to friends


Lesson on Traditional Irish music

Peter and the Wolf - sections /instruments of the orchestra

Learning note names, rhythm, dynamics, composers and instruments

Composing game


There are great online resources for drama here:

Kids can also make video projects easily, creating a stop motion film can be a great way to pass a day. are giving their camp away for free too.

Physical Education

RTÉ have the 10 at 10:

Cork Sports Partnership ideas:

Yoga with Adrienne is a great YouTube channel too.