Child & Family Holistic Wellness

Child Holistic Therapy for ages 3 ½ - 18 years, is available from Boyle Counselling & Psychotherapy Centre.

Child and Family Holistic Therapist Catherine provides the tools and insight you need to recognise and honour the gifts of the sensitive child in your life, while minimizing the challenges that come with them. She hears, understands and helps the sensitive child to overcome these challenges such as;
  • Difficulty switching off and falling asleep
  • Releasing fears, anxieties, phobias
  • Psychosomatic pains, ungrounded, and difficulty making decisions
  • “Acting out” stress they take in as anger or pain from others
  • Setting healthy boundaries through self-care
  • A feeling of over responsibility to help, please or fix others
  • Perfectionism, self-esteem, self-expression and energy hygiene
  • Managing changes in their life such as parental separation, school issues and more..
Our Child and Family Holistic Therapistworks closely with parents offering a selection of resources and support in her one to one work and workshops so that they can understand, nurture and celebrate the richness and uniqueness of their child.

 Please contact Boyle FRC on 0719663000 to book a session.