Family Support

Family Support is about providing help to children and families who are in need of support. We respond to the individual child and family by looking at their needs and carefully making plan with the parent to respond to those needs. The types of support we offer are:

Parent/Family Support:
We provide sign posting to services and information or we can provide more intensive support. The worker offers practical and emotional support to families during difficult times. We provide one-to-one support and teach various parenting skills that parents can use to improve children’s well-being and their outcomes of the future. We will work with your family to find each family members strenghts; what is working well in your family, and what things you would like to change. We will meet with your family, sometimes alone with the parent(s), sometimes with the children and sometimes with all of the family to get everyones perspectives. We will work togther with your family to support you to make changes that will help you and your family.
The services offers support to families for an agreed number of hours per week in some of the following areas:

  • Parenting skills (Improving communication in the home, managing behaviours, implementing consequences and establishing boundaries, teaching calming down skills, teaching new skills and making routines)
  • Confidence and Personal Development
  • Home Management 
  • Advocating on your behalf across a range of areas by supporting you when you work with other agencies or people you have difficulty communicating with, or writing letters of support in areas such as housing. 
  • Meitheals 

Individual one to one support with Children & Young People:
This work is aimed at children or young people who are dealing with challenging experiences that are likely to impact on their development. The worker will talk with children about their strenghts, interests, worries and ideas, and help them work through difficult problems or emotions. This service is child-centered and this means that we listen to the child and take on board their ideas and views. 
  • We work creatively with ideas (drawing, colouring, games, catch up chats, dealing with bullies and play) to help children make the changes in their lives that they would like to make. 
  • Support the child in building self-esteem and self confidence, building emotional litraracy (they will be able to recognise and name their emotions), supporting the child in developing a coping toolkit to deal with difficult problems or emotions and building on problem solving skills. 
  • Make referrals where necessary to agencies that will further support the child (eg. Foroige, Tusla, Mental Health Services)

Parenting programmes & modules:
Common Sense Parenting
Mindful Parenting
#E-Powering Parents (Internet awareness and safety module)
Drug & Alcohol Parenting Module

Please get in contact with Boyle FRC if you are interested in recieveing Family Support.  Please contact Boyle FRC on 0719663000. Self-referrals can be made to Boyle FRC by telephone or by coming into our Family Support Drop in Clinic every Wednesday morning during the school term.